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Trainings & Lectures for Healthcare Professionals

Programs and Trainings

Our board-certified clinical toxicologists are available for a variety of opportunities for presentations and trainings for medical professionals, emergency personnel, and law enforcement across Oklahoma. Please email us at or call 405-271-5454.

We will make every attempt to attend your event. When contacting us be sure to include your name, location, date of event, length of presentation or event, and estimated number of attendees.

Some of our programs and trainings include:

Venomous Snakes in Oklahoma
Older Adults and Drug Interactions
Opioid Epidemic, How did we get here and what can be done
Bites and Stings
Poison Plants in Oklahoma
Biological Weapons
Toxicological Emergencies for Healthcare Professionals
Common Toxic Exposures in Children Toxicology
Overdose and Drug Abuse Epidemic
Toxidromes and Decontamination
Drugs of Abuse
Toxicity of Cardiovascular Drugs
Psychiatric Drugs and Antidepressants
Poison Center Overview
Cardiovascular Pharmacology Concepts
Anticoagulants and Reversal Agent
Acid-Base Disorders