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The OCPDI has a variety of free resources available. The resources can be downloaded immediately, printed, or copied. We welcome clinics, pharmacies, teachers, senior centers and community members to share our materials with others in your communities.

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Bites & Stings
Venomous Snakes of Oklahoma
Poisonous Plants of Oklahoma
Overdose Prevention Bookmark
Medication Tips

Teaching Resources for Elementary Schools

ABC Presentation

Coloring Sheets

Fact Sheets

Carbon Monoxide


Marijuana Edibles In Children

Poison Prevention For Seniors

Poison Purse

Information to leave with the babysitter

Cough And Colds Children

Holiday Safety

Summer Safety

Spanish Cough And Colds Children

Spanish Marijuana Edibles In Children

Spanish Acetaminophen


Mistaken Identity (Medicine vs. Candy)
Know the Number
Poisonous Plants in Oklahoma

Candy or Gummies

Free Resources